Population Of Texas In 2016

Texas is a state in the southern U.S. with deserts, pine forests and the Rio Grande, a river that forms it’s border with Mexico. Houston is it’s biggest city and the Museum of Fine Arts houses works by well-known Impressionist and Renaissance painters, while Space Center Houston offers interactive displays engineered by NASA.

Austin, which is the capital and also known for it’s eclectic music scene.

Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth-largest in the United States and San Antonio is the second largest in the state and seventh largest in the United States. Greater Houston is the fifth largest United States metropolitan statistical area. Other big cities include El Paso and Austin, which is also the state capital. Texas is named the Lone Star State to signify Texas as a former independent republic and as a reminder of the Texas’s struggle for independence from Mexico. The “Lone Star” can be found on the state flag and on the Texas state seal.

Population Of Texas In 2016


Going to the discussion about Population, in the year 2011 the population was 25.66 Million, 2012 – 26.09 Million, 2013 – 26.51 Million, 2014 – 26.96 Million. Taking a look at the information of population of Texas in the most recent four years from 2011-2014, the Population of Texas have expanded by 1.3 Million. Thus, the present year population ought to be around 27.285 Million and the anticipated population of Texas of the year 2016 ought to be 27.61 Million as per average data.

Texas’ Rio Grande Valley is the place for undocumented immigration across the Southwest border. According to a Los Angeles Times article, undocumented immigrants are growing at a rate of 35,000 a month. That is a lot. The number of minors traveling alone from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador is growing and will reach up more than 90,000 by the end of 2015. Hondurans, Salvadorans, and Guatemalans consist of 75% of immigrants in South Texas.

Two-thirds of all people of Texas live in Houston. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area is the largest in Texas. Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest city in the country.

Native Americans consist a smaller minority in the state. Native Americans make up 0.5 percent of Texas’ population and number over 118,000 people. Native Americans of non-Hispanic origin consist of 0.3 percent of the population and number around 75,000. Cherokee made up 0.1 percent of the population and numbered over 19,400 members. In contrast, only 583 identified as Chippewa.


The US Census Bureau predicts that the population of Texas was 26,448,193 on July 1, 2013, 5.2 % increase since the 2010 US Census.

According to 2004, Texas had 3.5 million foreign-born residents of which an estimated 1.2 million are undocumented. The state from the year 2000–2006 had the fastest growing undocumented immigration rate in the country.

In the year 2010, undocumented immigrants comprised an estimated 6.0 % of the population. This was the fifth highest percentage of any state in the US. In the year 2015, the population of undocumented immigrants living in Texas was around 0.8 million.


The stat’s population density is 34.8 persons/km2. That is slightly higher than the average population density of the U.S. In comparison, while Texas and France are similarly sized, France has a population density of 116 persons/km2.

The Population of the state could double by 2050, says a new report released by the Office of the State Demographer. This could be possible if migration trends go on at the same pace they have been growing during the 2000-2010.

Texas Population Projections 2010 to 2050, highlights a population explosion that may well occur around the next 45 years. Those aged 14 and under would nearly double from 5.7 million in 2010 to 10.2 million in the year 2050. The 15-64 demographic would swell from 16.8 million to 34.7 million and the senior 65-and-over demographic would rise from 2.6 million to 9.4 million. The state’s population would swell to 54.4 million, based on people moving from other states.


  1. Texas is known as The Lone Star State.
  2. The Alamo is located in San Antonio. It is where Texas defenders fell to Mexican General Santa Anna and the phrase Remember the Alamo originated. The Alamo is considered the cradle of Texas liberty and the Texas’s most popular historic site.
  3. The lightning whelk is the official state shell.

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