Population Of Jackson In 2016

Jackson is the capital of and the biggest city of Mississippi. It is situated in Hinds County on the Pearl River, which depletes into the Gulf of Mexico and it is very much a part of the Jackson Prairie region. It is named after General Andrew Jackson, who was regarded for his part in the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812 and then was chosen as US president.

The present slogan for the city is “Jackson, Mississippi: City with Soul.” It has had various musicians noticeable in blues, gospel and jazz, and was known for quite a long time for it’s unlawful clubs on the Gold Coast. It is the anchor for the metro range. While it’s population decreased from 184,256 at the 2000 evaluation to 173,514 at the 2010 statistics, the metropolitan developed. The 2010 statistics attributed a population of 539,057 to the five-region Jackson metropolitan area.

Population Of Jackson In 2016


The city had a population of 175,374 in 2011, 175,195 in 2012, 172,638 in 2013, 171,726 in 2014.

Therefore, to get the projected population of 2015, we need to take an average of the trend of population from the year 2011-2014. Calculating the average, the estimated population of the year 2015 is 170,814. By getting the 2015 data, the predicted population of the year 2016 is 169,902.

The city was positioned third as the best “Value For Your Money” among the country’s 100 biggest metro territories, as indicated by Forbes magazine. The study measured general moderateness in living expenses, lodging rates and others. The place which is currently the city of Jackson was part of the vast domain possessed by the Choctaw Nation, the historical culture of the Muskogean-talking indigenous people groups who had occupied the zone for a great many years before European experience.

The range now called Jackson was acquired by the United States under the Treaty’s terms of Doak’s Stand in 1820, by which the Choctaw surrendered some of their property land area. After the arrangement was sanctioned, European-American pioneers started to move into the zone, such a big number of them that they infringed on remaining Choctaw land.

The city is situated on the Pearl River and is served by the Ross Barnett Reservoir, which shapes a part of the Pearl River and is found upper east of Jackson on the border between two counties of Madison and Rankin regions. It was a small place for a great part of the nineteenth century. Before the American Civil War, the city’s population stayed little, especially as opposed to the waterway towns along the trade loaded Mississippi River. In spite of the city’s status as the state capital, the 1850 statistics tallied just 1,881 occupants, and by 1900 the number of inhabitants in Jackson had become just to around 8,000. In spite of the fact that it extended quickly, amid this period Meridian turned into Mississippi’s biggest city, taking into account trade, and access to transportation by means of railroad as well as roadway.

In the start of the twentieth century, the city had it’s biggest rates of growth, yet was positioned second to Meridian. By the year 1944, it’s population had ascended to nearly 70,000 occupants and it turned into the biggest city in the state. It has kept up it’s position, accomplishing a top population in the 1980 statistics of more than 200,000 inhabitants in the city. From that point forward, Jackson has consistently seen a decrease in it’s population, while it’s suburbs had a boom.

The city is home to a few noteworthy commercial industries. These incorporate electrical gear and apparatus, processed food and essential and created metal items. The encompassing range underpins agrarian improvement of domesticated animals, soybeans, cotton, and poultry. The city sits on the Jackson Volcano and is just the lone capital city in the United States to have this component. Therefore, Jackson is the capital of the state of Mississippi.

The city is situated on the Pearl River and is served by the Ross Barnett Reservoir, which shapes a part of the Pearl River and is found upper east or in other words, north east of Jackson.
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