Population Of Anchorage In 2016

Anchorage is a home rule municipality in the U.S. State of Alaska. With an expected 300,950 occupants in 2013, it is Alaska’s most crowded city and has more than 40 percent of the state’s aggregate population; from all the 50 states, just New York has a higher rate of inhabitants who live in it’s most crowded city. The Anchorage metropolitan range, which joins Anchorage with the neighboring Matanuska-Susitna Borough, had a population of around 396,142 in 2013.

It is situated in the South-focal portion of Alaska at the cook Inlet on a peninsula formed by the Knik Arm toward the north and the Turnagain Arm toward the south. The city is of a span of 1,961.1 square miles which incorporate the urban center, a joint Military base, a few outlying communities and all of Chugach State Park.

The city is situated in South-central Alaska. At 61 degrees north, it lies marginally more remote north than Oslo, Stockholm and Saint Petersburg. Not as far north as Reykjavík or Murmansk. It is in the upper east of the Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak Island and Cook Inlet, due north side of the well known Kenai Peninsula, northwest side of Prince William Sound and the Alaska Panhandle.

Population Of Anchorage In 2016


The city had a population of 295,907 in 2011, 298,294 in 2012, 300,950 in 2013, 291,470 in 2014.

Therefore, to get the projected population of 2015, we need to take an average of the trend of population from the year 2011-2014. Calculating the average, the estimated population of the year 2015 is 290,360.75. By getting the 2015 data, the predicted population of the year 2016 is 289,251.5.

Anchorage is on a strip of seaside lowland and stretches out up the lower elevated slants of the Chugach Mountains. Point Campbell, the westernmost side of Anchorage on the mainland, sticks out into Cook Inlet close to it’s northern end and soon thereafter it parts into two arms. Toward the south is Turnagain Arm, a fjord that has a world’s highest most noteworthy tides. Knik Arm is another tidal inlet, is to the west and north. The Chugach Mountains on the east frame a boundary to advancement, yet not to the city limits, which incorporate piece of the wild alpine region of Chugach State Park.

A number of untamed wildlife population exists inside urban Anchorage and the encompassing area. Pretty nearly 250 wild bears and 60 mountain bears live in the region. Bears are routinely located inside of the city. Moose are additionally a typical sight: in the Anchorage Bowl, there is a summer population of more or less than 250 moose, expanding to around 1000 amid the winter. They are a distraction to drivers, with more than 100 moose murdered via cars every year. Two individuals were stepped to death in 1993 and 1995, in Anchorage. Cross-Country skiers and dog mushers utilizing city trails have been charged by moose on various events; the Alaska Department of Fish and Game needs to kill some individual forceful moose in the city consistently. Mountain goats can be normally located along the Seward Highway in the middle of Anchorage and Girdwood and Dall sheep are regularly seen entirely near the street at Windy Point.

Around 30 wolves live in the Anchorage region. In the year 2007 a few puppies were slaughtered by wolves while on strolls with their owners.

The city has a subarctic weather, however with solid oceanic influences that prompt a generally moderate climate. The vast majority of it’s precipitation falls in late summer.

The city’s biggest monetary areas incorporate transportation, military, tourism and resource extraction. Huge segments of the local economy rely on upon Anchorage’s topographical location and encompassing natural assets. The city’s economy customarily has seen unfaltering development, however not exactly as fast as the other lower 48 states. With the important exception of a land related crash in the mid to late 1980s, that did see the failing of various financial institutions.

Therefore, Anchorage is the largest city of Alaska with beautiful landscape and one of the most scenic places in the United States of America.
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